1. Robby

    How is Headway still selling licenses on their website!? They still have ex-employees that never got paid for time worked.

    It’s one of the sleaziest stories I’ve ever encountered. It’s borderline fraud. I am tempted to buy a copy just so I can dispute it with my credit card company and get them shut down.

    Furthermore, I don’t recommend FlyWheel after the move to buy Local. That product was built on the back of all the paying Headway customers and unpaid employees. It’s a blood diamond product IMO.

    Just look at the comments on their 2016 update post. Look at all the downright lies. Denying refund requests for an unfinished product. Yuck!


    If any of my facts or assumptions are wrong, please, Grant/Clay, come set me straight and I will gladly apologize and admit to overreacting…

    It boils my blood that people have the capacity to treat others this way. These guys had WAY too many chances to make this right. Boils my blood.

    I’m very glad that it was covered here on the Tavern and that it was covered honestly and critically.


  2. John Saddington

    i actually really appreciate this round-up… i’ve missed a few things over this last year.


  3. Loretta

    Looking over it all together like that, it really highlights how much security is always top of mind and always being addressed in the WP community.


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