1. Ryan Gudonis

    As an advocate of web security, I have to congratulate Let’s Encrypt on this wondrous accomplishment.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    The process of implementing LetsEncrypt is identical for both single and multisite.

    I think you are conflating that with automatic support for new subdomains, which would require a wildcard certificate or a convoluted process to auto-generate single certificates (not a good idea IMO). But the actual process in both cases is identical.


    • Otto

      True, but wildcard support is important, and the only thing preventing me from using their service in anything other than trivial ways.


      • Jan Dembowski

        Wildcard support will sure make my configurations simpler on my web server. ☕

        Right now I either setup a separate config file for each vhost (not so bad) or keep adding alternate names to the current cert which is messy. I used to just *.domain the certificate when I paid for it.


  3. Kadai Crosshansen

    I have not tested the “WP Encrypt” plugin myself… but could be interesting. Especially in those hosts that “charge” for this free service.

    In my case, I ended using the CPanel add-on to actually have the certs for a few sites that are on my hosting account.

    I was surprised that they offered the service in a completely free and automated form. Despite the certs expiring every 90 days, it means nothing thanks to them autorenewing.

    Now, whenever I am looking to a new host, I always check if they support Let’s Encrypt. In my case, it has become a “must have” feature.


  4. Bozdar

    Enabling cloudflare on your (one) domain (for free) also generates a wild card certificate. It also saves a lot of Bandwidth, in case one pays for the bandwidth.


    • Martin

      Yes and no. With the “flexible” option, the traffic from Cloudflare to your server is not encrypted. So users think the connection is via https, but it actually isn’t


  5. Gopal raha

    Looking Good!! Lets encrypt with ACME v2 API endpoint


  6. Daniel Jones

    I have to say im a big fan of Let’s Encrypt – I wanted to see how it all worked so was keen to choose a new host which offers it built in and ended up with SiteGround

    The whole process for either the main domain, addon domains, or sub-domains is just a breeze!


  7. Ninja

    I came to know about Let’s Encrypt when I see some hosts offering free SSL with their hosting services.

    I signed up with two of them to see how does the free thing work. After I signed up, I came to know, both were giving Let’s Encrypt SSL.

    As I am a web developer, I usually buy an SSL certificate for my client. Since Let’s Encrypt is free, I am now offering this service for free to my clients, and they are very happy.

    I am excited about the Wildcard certificate. Can’t wait more to try my hands on a free Wildcard certificate.


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