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  • #31 – Milan Ivanovic on the Importance of Real World Versus Online

    On the podcast today we have Milan Ivanovic. Milan is a WordPress Developer at, and is a WordCamp volunteer, speaker, and organizer. He’s the global translation editor, WordPress Serbia lead, and is now part of the WordCamp Europe alumni. As if that weren’t enough, Milan is one of the lecturers of the WordPress Academy in Serbia, where he has given talks and WordPress Workshops. He’s also a member of the Theme Review and Community Get Involved Teams. It’s pretty clear to see that WordPress and WordPress events play a major role in Milan’s life, and that’s what this podcast is about. We talk about the importance of the WordPress community as a whole, as well as exploring what the situation is like in Milan’s home country of Serbia. We also get into the subject of diversity and how Europe as a continent might face diversity challenges which differ from other parts of the world.

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