1. Keith Davis

    Lots of hosts are offering free LetsEncrypt via cPanel, which makes it easy to activate.
    WordPress dot org should use this as a metric when recommending hosts.


  2. Faraz Ahmad

    We are using ssl from lets encrypt and our search ranking is increased. Is there a way to track ssl visitors in Google Analytics ? They are showing (not set) & (not provided).


  3. Mtec

    I bet Comodo are gutted Let’s Encrypt came about and with it’s easy to use Plesk add in it’s deffo a winner!


    • Alex B.

      As far as I know, Comodo and cPanel already joined forces to enable automated SSL Encryption. But I agree that Let’s Encrypt is the winner so far.


  4. Ron

    That is really great. But the sad news is there are still many weird hosts who will not support Lets Encrypt. They are still looking for making some extra bucks out of selling SSL certificates. Very unfortunate for us :(


  5. Kristof

    I have lets encrypt installed, but my site is also still accessible through http.

    What is best? Redirect all traffic to https? And how? What’s the (SEO-)safest way to do this?

    I can’t seem to get those questions cleared up?


  6. Theodore Heston Fernandez

    After installing SSL, Use this WordPress SSL Plugin to redirect all traffic.

    I have used this plugin on all my sites. It is really simple. I think it is the only active plugin in its class.

    The plugin is up to date with the current WordPress version.


  7. Rajagopalan

    When we moved some of our clients to SSL, the initial indexing was sluggish. But once the pages were indexed, we have seen traffic growth upto 100%


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