1. Thomas

    This is awesome! They should have added this a long time ago but I guess better late than never.


  2. Mike B

    The Custom HtML widget is a great addition to WordPress. It was urgently needed after the Visual Editor was added to the Text Widget, and became the default editor. I dislike and never use the Visual editor, but recognize it’s a must for users with little or no HTML knowledge. Having the Custom HTML widget saves my widget areas from being altered by the Visual editor.


  3. Bob Kruse

    Well, I’ve been doing just fine with the regular ol’ text widget for many years now… but hey, the HTML widget is pretty neat too :)


  4. Roger

    Be warned, currently in 4.8.1, if you have custom text widgets, it seems the editor defaults to Visual mode rather than text – so viewing your widget causes it to disappear.

    Just had a site lose all it’s custom text widgets – like booking calendars etc because someone viewed the widgets.

    What a PITA!


  5. D. Morgan Henley

    My custom css, which worked fine in the past, doesn’t seem to be working with the new widget. In particular, the text-align:center; seems to be ignored.
    Anyone else having this issue? Maybe it is my theme. Still looking into it.


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