1. Georgio

    A sign that the hosted version of WordPress is slowly integrating into the self-hosted version piece-by-piece and to eventually convert users over to the hosted option. If not convert, then at least monitizing self-hosted WordPress with .com products and services.


    • M

      I understand your worries but I think, since that happens only when you install JetPack, then it’s okay. It’s a win-win situation.

      This new interface looks neat, by the way. :)


  2. John

    And still no way to list all modules on a single page, and still no visitors count in dashboard stats (only page views)… I can’t see any improvement other than attracting more paid users.
    BTW what’s the meaning of this sentence: “Photon can now be used within the dashboard” – which dashboard and how is this done?


    • Jeremy

      You can access the full module list by going to this page in your dashboard:

      still no visitors count in dashboard stats (only page views)

      We haven’t redesigned the built-in dashboard Stats yet, and that’s indeed something where we have to work to do! Good news is, you can already get advanced stats in the WordPress.com dashboard and in the mobile and desktop apps.

      what’s the meaning of this sentence: “Photon can now be used within the dashboard” – which dashboard and how is this done?

      By default, Photon is only applied to images on your site’s front-end, when readers are looking at your posts and pages. We’ve now added a new filter, jetpack_photon_admin_allow_image_downsize, allowing you to have Photon applied to images in your wp-admin dashboard as well. You can find out more about the filter and how to use it in our code reference.


      • John

        I got the same reply a couple of months ago when I asked the same question about the modules. At that time we still could click on the search magnifier and get the full list but now this has also been disabled. I don’t get what’s the game here and why the heck you don’t provide a clickable button with the link above.

        As for the stats, I also asked the same question more than a month ago and got the same answer. Your works in progress run for the eternity and I still don’t want to go and login to wp.com just for checking stats. If you have them just make them available at my site’s backend.

        The more you re-design this thing the more it gets unusable.


        • Jeremy

          My colleague Michael explained our goals and the thought process behind the new design in the release post here. As he mentioned, this is very much a work in progress, and we will continue to iterate on the design based on the feedback we receive from all Jetpack users, including you.

          However, this also means that some things get worked on first, while others have to wait. The old Stats screen is definitely on our radar, but we haven’t worked on it yet. Keep an eye on our changelog, we’ll mention it there as soon as we make changes to the Stats screen in your dashboard.


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