1. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeff
    “Comments are very important to me”
    I love the way the Tavern encourages comments – both you and Sarah jump in and get involved with the discussion.

    The primary reason I subscribe to the Tavern is because of the great comments and comment interaction.

    Going back to the problem of comments being deleted… that would be very very annoying but it sounds as though it’s being worked on.


  2. Chip Bennett

    I had this happen to me yesterday. After the first time, I had to re-write my comment, I typed it in a text editor, and copy-pasted it into the comment field. (I actually wasn’t able to submit it successfully until this afternoon.)

    I would consider this to be a fairly serious flaw with Jetpack comments.


  3. Jordan

    I just wonder why are you, and so many others out there, running this plugin and module?
    If the answer is because there is nothing else doing the same job, I also wonder why such an ultra-basic feature – allowing follow-up when leaving a comment – is not,
    a/ bundled in core wp
    b/ offered by other plugins
    Just wondering…


  4. Kirk M

    As a long time DYI WordPress user and (unofficial) tester I’ve often found Jetpack a bit more troublesome than it’s worth. I’ve never really like the way it handles comment subscriptions and overall it tends to slow the responsiveness of a WordPress powered site. Of course, that’s my personal experience on 3 different websites, mileage may vary and all that. But for comment subscriptions I’ve stayed with the “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded” which has never failed me (using Bluehost as a web host) and offers real management capabilities (admin).

    Anyway, glad Dreamhost cooperated and reverted their “tweaks”.


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