WordPress 4.7.4 Fixes 47 Issues

WordPress 4.7.4 is available and is a maintenance release that fixes 47 issues reported against 4.7. This update includes a visual editor compatibility fix for an upcoming version of Chrome.

Uploading video and audio files no longer result in broken thumbnails and the REST API received a few enhancements related to data handling. WordPress 4.7.4 also restores the ability to Shift-click a range of checkboxes.

Auto updates are rolling out but if you’d like to update immediately, browse to Dashboard > Updates and click the update button.

To see a full list of changes visit the release notes page on the Codex. Since December, WordPress 4.7 has been downloaded more than 60 million times.

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  1. so, no security updates on this one?


    1. seems odd, since older versions got a minor update as well, which I thought was due to security.


  2. 4.7.4 seems to have broken CFORMS 2. I tried Contact 7 too and that appears to be broken as well.

    Cforms error message:
    Error occurred while sending the message:
    Could not instantiate wp_mail function.


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