1. Jeffrey Carandang

    Tried the plugin before and it’s not only for images; audio & video are also get a lot easier to add on sidebars. Lovely widgets!

    I hope it would be fine to include this on my comment ;) If anyone wants better visibility control of your media widgets, you can check out Widget Options for WordPress; free on .org repository too! I hope this will be of great help.



  2. Weston Ruter

    Important to note that the various fields that the Jetpack image widget provides are also available in the new pending core image widget. Once you click on the “Edit Image” button you’ll see the fields for manipulating the caption, alt text, size, alignment, link URL, and all of the other properties you see when editing an image’s properties in the post editor.


    • Jeffr0

      I kinda noted this but perhaps was not specific enough.

      The user interface is much simpler compared to the image widget supplied by Jetpack. Jetpack’s image widget UI doesn’t take advantage of the media library modal and instead, requires the user to know the image’s URL.

      I noticed the fields in the Jetpack widget are the same fields that are available in the Media Library Modal. Personally, I never use those fields and find them cumbersome or in the way. I tested the image widget by uploading a new image, setting it, and that’s all I needed to do. It was simple.

      I don’t want to see those fields added to the widget like the Jetpack one but I guess we’ll see what users think.


  3. mark k.

    I am going to do something unheard of and claim the the jetpack implementation is better. setting dimensions of the image is vital,adding external images (for all kind of “ads”) is very important for such a widget, and if it is external you need to configure title and caption.

    Didn’t try the widget yet, but it seems a big omission that you can not configure some user defined url as a target for an associated link.

    The only thing jetpack is lacking is the ability to select from the media library (and not handling responsiveness, but I haven’t heard of almost anyone that does it)


    • Weston Ruter

      Adding images by external URLs will be supported as well. See: https://github.com/xwp/wp-core-media-widgets/issues/9

      External images will also allow for their captions and titles to be defined. Likewise, custom link URLs are currently supported.


      • mark k.

        Inserting external media via the media library was always a bad UX. not sure how you can even edit it after the first selection.

        Actually forcing people to open the media library at all is not great… you can probably do the widget from as a drag target to images to make it slightly easier.

        But generally I am with Nick below…. A media is just a form of content and if there is a need to be able to add general content to the sidebar, than a full dedicated post type and editing experience is more useful than handling it on one by one base (different for general text, different for images, probably different for audio, video, pdf, svg, ads …). And post type will have the additional benefit for status and revisions and capabilities….


  4. Nick

    A little bit amused, but not shocked by anything anymore how easy people get excited over not only simple things, but things that already exist, and are 100 times better, in the meantime not addressing the real issues and WordPress’s shortcomings.

    There is a plugin called “Image Widget” at the repository, but it’s only for images and not video or audio files.

    BUT, there is a plugin called WP Editor Widget which is truly the perfect Swiss army knife for widgets. It’s basically a text widget with the full TinyMCE editor available. Add media, shortcodes, and basically anything you can do in a post or page. This plugin should have been selected for the core… but again, what do I know?

    I would instead put all of the available resources to tackle the security issues, before doing anything “spectacular” like this, or distraction free writing !!!


  5. Jay Syder

    Semi off topic but you mention at the end possibly being merged into 4.7.4. This seems a bit confusing to me as doesn’t WordPress usually only change the last number for bug and security fixes. The below is irrelevant if this is just a typo.

    Not adding new features and waiting til 4.8 to be added? I mean I remember reading that the next big update which I thought would of been 4.8 wasn’t going to be the normal 3 – 4 month cycle. Due to focusing on the features rather than restricting themselves to the timeframe.

    Does this also mean then that feature releases even if small like this would go through RC versions and be released automatically or would automatic updates still be restricted to bug and security fixes?


    • Jeffr0

      Adding a core widget isn’t major functionality and if it’s deemed core ready, it will be added in either a point release or a major release. At this point, there is no confirmed or set time on when 4.8 will be released so if it’s a small feature and ready, it will be pushed out in a minor release. And, minor releases as we know are updated automatically.

      As for the RC stages for point releases, I don’t have an answer on that but it would be nice to see at least one RC release, especially if it doesn’t have security patches and adds features.


  6. Justin Nguyen

    I like the idea. This feature is very useful for most users. Although they can use a plugin for that, but putting a very helpful thing into the core is a great move.


  7. Rajkumar Kanagaraj

    glad to hear this. it would reduce one of my external plugins usage. also looking for a “wp edit” kind ah function for wordpres core editor, specially “Text Search” Option.


  8. Donna Cavalier

    Ok yay. But the fact that this is still missing after how many years is kind of a joke. A simple rich text editor widget along the lines of Black Studio or WP Editor should have been in core long long ago. An image widget, or any other media widget is great, but it’s a little bit astonishing that it took this long to get to this point. But still…yep…yay.


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