Jetpack 5.5 Removes Syntax Highlighting and Gallery Widget for Compatibility with Upcoming WordPress 4.9 Release

Jetpack 5.5 was released yesterday with several important changes that ensure the plugin is compatible with the upcoming WordPress 4.9 release scheduled for November 14. The plugin will be able to shed some weight, as core improvements will make Jetpack’s syntax highlighting and gallery widget obsolete.

WordPress 4.9 incorporates CodeMirror, which brings syntax highlighting, linting, and auto-completion to the built-in code editors. Jetpack 5.5+ will rely on WordPress to handle syntax highlighting and the Custom CSS module has been updated to be fully compatible with core’s new code editing improvements.

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Jetpack 5.5 also adds compatibility for WordPress 4.9’s new core gallery widget. When users update to 4.9, Jetpack will automatically migrate its own gallery widgets to use the widget included in core.

The release also includes several other changes for compatibility with WordPress 4.9:

Jetpack 5.5 also improves the connection process between the plugin and, which should reduce recent issue users have experienced when migrating their sites from HTTP to HTTPS. A full list of the changes in this release is available in the plugin’s changelog.

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  1. If WordPress Core adds Akismet I’ll get really excited.

    Dealing with comment spam is what’s always been needed and making it a paid plugin is holding back.

    Don’t get me wrong, It’s a fantastic making gallery widgets and syntax highlighting part of core.


    1. Spam protection is plugin territory, and there a many plugins far better than Akismet at combating spam.

      In fact akismet is plain dangerous as it gives false positives.


  2. To clarify, the Press This button is removed if you’re running 4.9 and do not have the separate plugin. If you do have the new Press This plugin, it’ll keep chugging along just fine.


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