1. Matt

    One Question: Why are they introducing new widgets when widgets and shortcodes are to be deprecated in favor of blocks?


    • Weston Ruter

      Widgets aren’t being deprecated yet. In any case, when widgets do transition over to blocks, there is a gallery block in Gutenberg for the gallery widget to transition to. In the same way, a Custom HTML widget was introduced in 4.8.1 and there is a Custom HTML block in Gutenberg. When widgets do transition over to using blocks, users shouldn’t actually perceive any fundamental change in this regard: they’ll continue being able to use images, video, audio, galleries, custom HTML and other widgets in their sidebars as well as being able to use such widgets (blocks) for the first time in the content of their posts as well.


  2. Carlos

    There are two important aspects that should be addressed and, of course, implemented within gallery widget while in slideshow/lightbox mode:
    Deeplink to each image and set the necessary Open Graph Protocol’s tags in order to ensure that the image that appears on the shared post will be the same the user wanted to share inside the slideshow.


  3. Pete

    Firstly this is plugin territory and should never go into core

    Secondly why bother? A more important task is to transition widget storage into the posts table as a cpt, rather than polluting the options table.


  4. Robert

    While you are at it, could anyone add the ability to link gallery items to external urls, please?




  5. Matt

    More great work from the Customization team. I think it’s really great how they’ve taken a user-first approach to improvements this year. Just because Gutenberg is on the horizon doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the opportunity to make existing and new user’s lives easier today.


  6. Anh Tran

    I think this is a good improvement for widgets. Users now can insert single image, single video and now a gallery. It’s kind of a common need for users when many themes show Instagram widget in the sidebar.


  7. Weston Ruter

    I just published a dev note regarding the Gallery widget which was just committed to 4.9-alpha yesterday: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2017/09/25/introducing-the-gallery-widget/


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