Jetpack 4.9 Introduces EU Cookie Law Banner Widget

Jetpack 4.9 gives self-hosted WordPress users access to some of the widgets that are available on One of the most useful ones for European websites is the new EU Cookie Law Banner widget. The WordPress plugin directory has dozens of plugins related to cookie consent, but Jetpack users can now get this feature bundled with the popular plugin.

The widget launches a notice at the bottom of the screen where users can click to accept cookies. The widget banner text, color scheme, policy URL, and button text can be customized, and administrators can hide the banner based on different user behaviors.

The EU Cooke Law is an online privacy directive that was introduced in 2011 with the objective of allowing website visitors the right to refuse cookies that reduce their privacy. Sites that serve primarily EU audiences are required to comply. Companies in the U.S. and outside the EU with no legal EU presence are not likely to have any consequences for not complying, as the law is difficult to enforce outside the EU.

Jetpack 4.9 also adds a new Flickr widget and one for the Internet Defense League, an organization dedicated to defending internet freedom. The widget lets users select from three different badges to show support. Note that this widget does not sign the website up to broadcast specific campaigns. That feature is available in the Internet Defense League Cat Signal plugin.

This release also includes several minor fixes and improvements under the hood. Check out the full changelog on to see everything included in version 4.9.

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    1. Smarmy reply but +1 from me.


  1. Just as an aside, the reason we add these new widgets to releases is to build a more seamless transition for users that want to migrate from to self-hosted WordPress (or vice-versa) — by having the same widgets available in both environments, there’s less friction and sites can maintain a more seamless user experience, wherever they’re hosted.


    1. Hi,

      I have 2 websites, same settings and plugins. I updated Jetpack to 4.9 on both of them. Now in one site I have these 3 widgets and in the another I don’t! What could be the problem here?



  2. Good Feature but its really late, and soon this feature is going to expire. Best of luck next time Jetpack Team. Be express , let other to be slow motion not you.


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