1. Dre

    Super thoughtful post and I can’t be more excited! Thank you!

    I would like to note that I found a small discrepancy in that I was Daniel’s co-founder in 2010 and we were honored to have Tony join us in 2011.

    Oh, make sure to update your WordPress instance ASAP!


  2. Giulio

    The fact that the founders stay in charge is the best guarantee that the service will not decline.
    Despite what we can say we all know how bad the reputation of GoDaddy is, and only by operating as a separate entity Sucuri can keep this level of quality. GoDaddy managers are probably aware of that


    • Zi Yang

      That’s what they tell you. And then a few years in GoDaddy will start to take over and quality starts going down. This is exactly what happened with all EIG hosts.

      The most recent example is A Small Orange, customers were assured that the original founders would stay in control. And that was true for about 6 months and it was all downhill after that.

      Now whether this will actually happen or not, we don’t know. GoDaddy just started acquiring smaller WP companies in the past few years.

      You have to keep in mind that GoDaddy is a business after all, a business that already has a bad reputation in the hosting world for providing low quality services.


  3. Parvez Shaikh

    It will be too soon to judge whether Sucuri service will decline (or not). Time will tell soon. Sucuri has been great at providing service and support. Good luck to the team for what’s ahead.


  4. Tom

    Congratulations to the Sucuri folks. It’s great to see people who started something from nothing get their recognition (and pay day) while retaining the entity they built. Not seeing the brand eaten up and the further gentrification of, well, everything, is something that I couldn’t be more supportive of. I use ManageWP and didn’t even know it was a GoDaddy company.

    It’s a smart strategy by GoDaddy to preserve these brands largely separate from their own. In my view, nothing they ever do will ever resurrect their brand from its SOPA support.


  5. Isabel

    GoDaddy has been working hard to get on the good side of developers

    GoDaddy still doesn’t even support PHP 7. They run around sponsoring WordPress Beginner courses and adopting WordPress security companies, yet they refuse to even mention PHP 7.

    No pun intended, but PHP 7 is the big elephant in the room whenever GoDaddy tries to act like some supporter of WordPress sites. WordPress sites need PHP 7.

    BTW, GoDaddy had another “hardware failure” (their words) today, and many sites have been down over 16 hours (this info is from their customer service rep). I was unfortunate to have one site in that bunch. It’s still down, and they can’t say when it will get fixed. I hope that it’s somehow related to them setting up PHP 7. (Because their MySQL servers have been offline most of the day, and I understand this may mean they are prepping for PHP7. Maybe just wishful thinking.)

    GoDaddy is right up there with Comcast and Walmart. They’re making tons of money, but their service/quality stinks royally, and most consumers deeply loathe them. Sucuri needs to make money, of course, and to that end, this is a smart move for them. But, their reputation will be damaged by this move.


    • Nemanja Aleksic

      Nemanja from ManageWP here. PHP7 as a default is ~2 months away, according to some of the message boards. The GoDaddy Head of WordPress, Gabe Mays, talked on multiple occasions about the need to upgrade the whole GoDaddy infrastructure in order to make it PHP7 compliant, and that project is well underway.

      Some more info can be found on his AMA back in 2016:


      • John Robert

        If Gabe is overseeing it, don’t hold your breath. That’s almost a sure guarantee that it won’t be delivered on time, and when it does, it will cause outages on your site for at least 6 months.


        • Aaron D. Campbell

          This seems like a pretty personal attack for a forum like this.

          GoDaddy faces some interesting challenges of scale that other hosts simply don’t. The work that it takes to keep things moving forward consistently is immense. If you have a problem with current progress, past experiences, etc, that’s understandable.

          To call someone out by name and try to say they’re no good at their job, especially when you’ve not done their job, it’s not helpful or reasonable.


      • Milan Petrovic

        PHP 7 is almost a year and a half old (PHP 7.1 is also few months old), and GoDaddy is still not supporting it???

        I was willing to give GoDaddy a chance and test their servers, but now I am sure I will stay away.

        Having PHP 7/7.1, full HTTP/2 support and Let’s Encrypt is the very least modern hosting company need to offer to be even considered as a serious hosting company.


    • Ryan

      Not to mention they don’t let you harden the file permissions on WordPress managed hosting packages, only cPanel.


      • Frankie Jarrett

        Hey Ryan! I’d really like to hear more about the file permissions you’d prefer. Please reach out to me!

        Default permissions on Managed WordPress are currently:

        444 – Core files
        555 – Core dirs
        604 – Content files
        705 – Content dirs
        600 – wp-config.php


  6. Danny Brown

    Congrats to all on the Sucuri team, well deserved! My only fear is that GoDaddy will “do a Twitter”, and remove access for other third-parties and make Sucuri native to GoDaddy.

    Hopefully, I’m wrong.


    • David Skarjune

      That hasn’t happened with ManageWP. I still use it natively both with sites at the free level and paid levels. Also, I use it freely as a GoDaddy Pro with clients there. ManageWP has continued to get better and provide awesome support, since their acquisition.

      There are plenty of GoDaddy haters spreading FUD—and believe me I have my own FUD about other companies in the WordPress ecosystem—but the industry is rapidly evolving, so the smart bet is to evaluate services by merit, cost, value, and sustainability.

      Sucuri certainly ranks high on merit, cost, and value, so if this extends those and provides sustainability, that’s a smart move. The hope is that Cid & Perez continue to run things successfully as they have.


      • Isabel

        There are plenty of GoDaddy haters spreading FUD

        What you call “GoDaddy haters,” are actually GoDaddy customers evaluating their services.


        • David Skarjune

          Actually, no, the GoDaddy customers I know and work with are happy users of their Managed WordPress services. People who spread FUD may be ex-customers and were dissatisfied, but ‘haters’ typically don’t evaluate, but would rather nitpick, carry a grudge, spread rumors and disinformation, or may be jealous of other’s success.

          Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s fine, but not the same as a constructive discussion. I notice that GoDaddy reps are active here answering concerns. How professional!


      • Isabel

        What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t accuse customers who give honest reviews of bad experiences, of what you are accusing them of, e.g. being haters, nitpickers, jealous of other’s success. That doesn’t make sense because honest reviews and evaluations can be negative even if you don’t agree with them.

        GoDaddy has kept sites down for 4+ days and refused to say if or when the site will be up, and refuse to refund $200+ for services they can’t provide. Not only to me but to countless others with WP Managed hosting, if you look at Consumer Affairs reviews. Real people giving real, non-affiliated reviews is not disinformation nor FUD.

        You’re making baseless accusations of a whole group of people which is usually wrong.


        • David Skarjune

          Please do not put words in my mouth. I commented on haters spreading FUD, which is not “Consumer Affairs reviews, and I did say “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. That’s fine,” so please go comment there.

          When people say things about Sucuri like “their reputation will be damaged by this move,” that’s not a review of services, that’s an opinion, which I said is fine. However, I will say that attacking an awesome company like Sucuri is not healthy dialogue.

          I wish Sucuri well and I agree with Tony Perez, who is a hero in our industry: “I can’t speak for our partners, but I truly hope they will trust in us, Sucuri, and in me personally,” Perez said. “If we can work to deploy our technology for GoDaddy, at their scale, then I have nothing but confidence we can do this for every other partner out there.”


  7. @Gene_us

    GoDaddy is like Microsoft; acquisitions ≠ innovation. No amount of shopping will turn a terrible brand into something stellar, but congratulations to the Sucuri team.


  8. wpislife

    first managewp, now sucuri..what’s next? the whole wordpress??? Goddady must be up to something…


    • Danny Brown

      Given they’ve [historically] pretty much sucked at WordPress compared to other hosts, they probably felt they should just buy the expertise as opposed to try and understand it… ;-)


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