1. Edward Plainview

    What a coincidence reading about this plugin! I’m the author of Broadcast, a multisite content sharing plugin that specializes in broadcasting content between sites on a network for… quite a few years now.

    During that time I’ve encountered a whole bunch of WordPress limitations that have had to be worked around: images, user roles, post status, links to other posts that have to be translated on each child site, PHP timeouts, etc.

    Most of the upcoming features (WooCommerce products including variations, bbPress, several calendar plugins) Broadcast already supports. The PublishPress people are going to have a ball figuring out how multisite unfriendly some plugins are written.


  2. Steve Burge

    Thanks Edward. We’ve taken Broadcast for a test drive, and you do good work. It’s definitely not an easy challenge, with so many WordPress considering only single site set-ups.


  3. Mike Little

    …for example, WordPress core has fairly limited user permissions,” he said.

    WordPress’ core roles and capabilities API is pretty comprehensive. And with the ‘map_meta_cap’ and ‘user_has_cap’ filters, you can make the editing and publishing process dance to any tune.

    A great overview — https://speakerdeck.com/johnbillion/a-deep-dive-into-the-roles-and-capabilities-api


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