1. WP Fan

    Wow, that didn’t take long. The latest blog post (linked to in this article) on the official tailor site said to contact them via Facebook or Twitter apparently rather than simply post a comment on the provided section for that post.

    It looks like someone has now done just that and offered to take over via their Facebook page. Pending a positive reply from the current maintainers, it may yet live on. This community is great!


  2. Li-An

    I liked very much Tailor – better than Elementor – and I’m a bit sad. Well, there is alternatives, so…


  3. Keith Davis

    Interesting that Pippin Williamson… “found only three that he could happily recommend to his customers: Tailor, Pootle Page Builder, and Beaver Builder.”

    My feeling is that the actual big players are now Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder.

    Looks as though a WordPress developer is looking for different features than the average WordPress user.


    • Alex

      This recommendation was based primarily on code quality, usability, and compatibility with other plugins

      I believe Pippin was looking at the overall quality of the plugins, not just a feature list or which plugins were big players. For example, at the time Pippin wrote his review, both Divi and Elementor broke features native to WordPress (shortcodes). Divi also applied it’s CSS styles to non-Divi elements and had 100% content lock in, meaning that disabling Divi would result in losing all content created with Divi.

      You can check out his full review here: https://pippinsplugins.com/wordpress-page-builder-plugins-critical-review/


    • Sonja

      My feeling is that the actual big players are now Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder.

      Sad that big player != plays well with others, especially in the case of Divi.

      Good news is that we get a lot of business from people who tried to go with an “economical” website from “designers” that used Divi. Many ultimately have problems and decide to go with sounder solutions.


    • Matt Cromwell

      It’s true that developers have different criteria than the average user. That’s typically for one central reason: we’ve had to support those plugins a lot because of the problems they create for other plugins. While a page builder might not create a problem for you TODAY, you might throw some other plugins in the mix and suddenly be extremely unhappy with the results.

      Good companies and plugin developers know this though. Divi has learned that through years and years of trial and error and have come out now with a really powerful tool that is generally speaking fairly stable and reliable. Elementor is new but proving itself quickly, and Beaver Builder has the benefit of having been elevated into GoDaddy’s onboarding system which gave them immense experience with dealing with conflicts and low server resources and more. Those three are the big players in the page building space for sure — today. Gutenberg will challenge them, but HOW is yet to be seen.


  4. Felix

    Really looking forward to Gutenberg being implemented in core. It will change up the theme and plugin landscape quite a bit.


  5. Ryan Hellyer

    This is unfortunate, but also makes complete sense. There is no point in competing against Gutenberg. I think the smart move now is to beging building tools on top of Gutenberg, not tools which compete against it.

    I remember seeing Tailor back when it was brand new in the repository and sending in a few patches. It was by far the most promising looking of the page building tools out there. I think Pippin was being generous even putting those other two in the same category.

    What Tailor lacked in features, it made up for with logic and forward thinking. Gutenberg will be a worthy replacement though.


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