1. Brad Griffin

    Tiago did a great job releasing the two minor versions rather quickly! For those seeing this post that immediately clicked the update button, you’ll need to watch your widgets ~ both in the sidebar and footer.

    Check your media library: https://prnt.sc/fau3ia

    And delete the newly added pages of /contact/ and /about/

    Unfortunately, they weren’t immediately spotted in the initial 2.2.0

    All three of those issues were resolved in 2.2.2



  2. Kevin Futter

    Well, installing it buggered up my entire site, store and all! Changed my menus, randomly added and removed widgets, and much more. I had to spend ages deleting bogus products and restoring the design I had just finalised, and it’s still not the same as it was. Not impressed.


    • M

      There is a “thing” called “testing environment”, you should try it out with your future edits before applying them to your live website. ;)


  3. M

    The new design looks neat, it makes the theme usable as is.


  4. Egbert Jan van den Bussche

    Same here. All widgets disappeared. side, footer, the lot. I’m not amused at all. Restoring just the theme files did not help. De database must be modified during upgrade.
    I have a very simple CSS in de Configurator to widen the left widget area if that matters… I do not use a child theme.
    Egbert Jan, NL


  5. David

    I did install 2.2.0 on a test server yesterday and on one store the bottom 4 widgets and footer all disappeared.

    I had to restore the whole site from a backup to get it working as it should, I’ll re-try now 2.2.2 is out.


  6. Egbert Jan van den Bussche

    Another observation. I use WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser (and other Woo addons) which seems useless now. The products do not scale anymore. I’m forced to use 3 on a row; 4 will not fit. Previously (2.1.8) that worked fine. Woo, what did you do??????????????
    Egbert Jan.NL


  7. Julian

    2.2.2 still removes all widgets. This is not good.


  8. Luke Cavanagh

    Storefront is dang solid WC starter theme.


  9. Egbert Jan van den Bussche

    2.2.3 solved the disappearing widgets problem. I saw some anomalies with color or density of the text but that is easily repaired.

    The WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser still does not work. Woo Products customizer seems to conflict.


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