WPWeekly Episode 274 – WordPress Commercials, Storefront, and the Customizer

In this episode, John James Jacoby joins me to discuss the news of the week. We give our take on the new WordPress.com commercials and whether or not they hit the mark. We share what’s new in Storefront 2.2.0 and the problems some people are facing trying to get visas to attend WordCamp Europe. Last but not least, we discussed the Customizer having a variable width in WordPress 4.8. Beginning with episode 275, Jacoby will be my co-host for WordPress Weekly.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress.com’s TV Commercials Are Confusing
WordCamp Europe Attendees Are Being Denied Visas Because Conference Ticket Price Is Too Low
Storefront 2.2.0 Released, Includes Design Refresh and Major Improvements to New User Experience
WordPress 4.8 Increases Maximum Width of the Customizer Sidebar to 600 Pixels
Cape Town to Host 4th Annual WordPress Charity Hackathon on July 15

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Next Episode: Wednesday, May 31st 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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