1. Edward

    I am glad to see this for storefront – I use Storefront on two of my ecommerce sites and the mobile traffic is 54% and 75% (consider a large amount of visitors come from my instagram pages.) When these new google update hits organic traffic is going to go drastically down for those sites that are not mobile friendly.


  2. Tim Blankenship

    Has anyone tested this with Woo’s Homestore child theme. I’m assuming they’d make it fully compatible.


  3. Jeffrey

    Looking good!


  4. Terence

    Hmm, I need to investigate this further. Thanks Sarah.


  5. Hennie

    How can I remove the “sticky bottom menu”? I could hide it with css but I would like to remove it with a function or something.


  6. Rachel T.

    If you have a WooCommerce store I recommend that you get the WooMobify plugin to make your WooCommerce store mobile friendly. They also make iOS / Android app versions of your store too. Its a great plugin to have.


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