1. David Gwyer

    Congratulations to the WordPress Core Editor team who have done a great job on this so far. It’s looking really good. Can’t wait to see how this matures.


  2. Josh

    Lol Elegant Themes is just so much farther ahead on this front. Great visual editor and page builder. Some other great plugins too already. Why reinvent the wheel?


    • Jake Jackson

      Besides Divi being commercial, I’ve used it extensively and overall I wasn’t a fan. It’s too cluttered. There’s too many options. The direction core is taking looks much more straightforward. I like where this is heading.


  3. Anon

    Please start copying more of Medium, will improve WP a lot.


  4. Ninja Team

    Great visual editor. It looks and feels smooth & elegant. But how about editing layouts?


  5. Danny Brown

    Is this along the lines of what Editus does? Or different? If the latter, what would be the main differences (if known at this stage)?

    I have to admit, after using Medium for a few years, I always feel the WordPress editing option is a poor second, and could do so much better (especially given the userbase).

    11 years of WordPress use, and still essentially the same clunky WYSIWYG interface. It’d be nice to see what you’re creating on the fly.


  6. Robert

    I can’t see any option to create columns in this new editor. Is it planned to add this feature? If not, for me, this is not much better than the current editor.


  7. Jordan Pakrosnis

    I think this is really intuitive. Well done!!


  8. Fred

    I’m praying so hard that some sort of front-end editing experience lands in Core. Maybe this could be it.


  9. M

    Nice try but the image resizing feature is buggy.


  10. Morten Rand-Hendriksen

    Joe is spot on here. This work needs to start with accessibility and expand from there, even at the prototype stage. This is an excellent opportunity to create a fully accessible content editor ready for the post-keyboard and post-mouse/touch input future.


  11. Josh

    In my opinion, the Editor team is putting the cart before the horse by working on the UI details before figuring out how this content is going to be stored.

    Gregory Schoppe put together a good article on this topic, but from following the conversation in Slack, people were more interested in discussing the nitty-gritty details of browser support than address this fundamental issue.

    I currently use ACF’s Flexible Content field to build all sorts of layouts, from slideshows to tab boxes to logo lists, and so on. I’d like to see something that could replace that built into Core. Right now it looks like we’re just replacing what the tinyMCE editor can do. But I don’t know everything, so maybe this is just phase one.

    What I would like to see is a system that developers can hook in to and register custom blocks, much like how we register Custom Post Types today. Each custom block would have its own fields, or even sub-blocks (e.g., like a Slideshow block that has sub-blocks for individual Slides).

    As a developer, I like to get these sort of structural questions figured out first, before heading in to design. If we overlook opportunities to scale now, then we’ll end up with something that isn’t very flexible for the future.


  12. Jay Syder

    Will be interesting to see how all the different plugins that extend the current editor will work with this like I would imagine that is the key part of it will be focusing on getting the simple parts working really well and not a lot of functionality but being easily customisable for other developers to build on it otherwise everyone is going to just compare existing page builders. Example Robert mentioning columns wondering if they will implement in this or this will be easy enough to have plugins extend them.

    Probably be a good idea after this progresses to a beta plugin that some useful extending plugins are created to work with it.


  13. Hector

    It looks good, I hope it just doesn’t give too much trouble for those who like to work in HTML.

    It would be good to have included the shortcodes available in a theme on the fly


  14. Ashiq

    Finally WP decided to move away from old editor. Looking forward to it


  15. Tada Burke

    I don’t give a flying rat’s donkey about Elegant or Medium or who did what first. Progress is progress and the Editor team is doing a great job with this UX scrumptiousness.


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