1. Gary Taylor

    As an otherwise happy WP Remote user, the one thing I’ve never liked about WP Remote is that the one plugin it can’t update is… the WP Remote one.


  2. John Parris

    So far I’m disappointed with this acquisition. My account suddenly stopped working a couple days ago. It told me my login details were inaccurate. Knowing I didn’t change anything, I waited several hours and tried again, just in case they were doing some system maintenance.

    Later I tried the password reset form, but it doesn’t work. Submitting it takes you to a 404 page.

    I reached out on Twitter and heard nothing back. I emailed them and heard nothing back. As of now I haven’t been able to use my account in days. This, along with several other quirks that have happened since they took control of WP Remote make me very leery of its future.


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