1. Ari Winokur

    That’s actually surprising. They just posted a job supporting their products (including wp remote) last month! I wonder if they have any comments on that.


  2. Mac

    I have sold the odd company in the past whilst hiring staff up to the last day. All the workers had employment guarantees and I received more £$£$ than when it was originally offered for sale… Sometimes method is in the madness… Have a great weekend and good Luck to Jeff Chandler & his Crew…


  3. Henk van den Bor

    Mmm, as one of the happy 110… (I thought there would be more users with 50+ sites) I hope someone will come along to continue their great service.
    I always kept a dozen sites on ManageWP, just to not completely depend on 1 solution. They are just upping the pace with Orion which looks good and has promising novelties (like customer reports)
    But while writing this comment I updated 74 plugins using WP Remote :-)


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