WP Remote Is Up for Sale

Human Made LTD is selling its WordPress remote management service WP Remote. Launched in 2009 as a plugin called Site Monitor, the service has evolved over time to allow users to upgrade themes, plugins, and WordPress remotely. The service allows an unlimited amount of sites to be tracked for free.

Human Made is not able to devote the time and resources necessary to maintain the service, even as it continues to do well. According to Tom Willmot, Co-founder and CEO of Human Made, the team backed out of the premium version of the service due to a lack of resources:

We had ambitious plans for a version 2, we introduced a premium version that we backed out of because we didn’t have the resources to run and grow it, and we’ve got lots of great ideas both from its users and ourselves that we haven’t been able to act on. We’re too busy with other things, including Happytables, our client work, events, and more.

WP Remote has over 18K users with more than 96K sites monitored. Here are some other notable statistics:

  • 1,850 people logged in during the past 30 days.
  • 1,200 of those have more than five sites added to their account and 110 of them have more than 50 sites monitored.
  • In the past 30 days WP Remote was used to perform over 20,000 plugin updates.
  • Each week between 50 and 100 new users sign up and over half of them go on to add a site.

Although WP Remote converted 60 free users to its premium service, the company eliminated it due to the lack of internal resources to support, develop, and market it. WP Remote also has key relationships with web hosting companies such as, Pressable, BlueHost, and SiteGround.

Before inquiring about purchasing the service, I recommend that you read the history on how it was created. If you’re interested in acquiring WP Remote or have questions, contact Tom at  tom@hmn.md. The company plans to decide who the buyer is by the end of February 2016 and is in early discussions with a few interested parties.


3 responses to “WP Remote Is Up for Sale”

  1. I have sold the odd company in the past whilst hiring staff up to the last day. All the workers had employment guarantees and I received more £$£$ than when it was originally offered for sale… Sometimes method is in the madness… Have a great weekend and good Luck to Jeff Chandler & his Crew…

  2. Mmm, as one of the happy 110… (I thought there would be more users with 50+ sites) I hope someone will come along to continue their great service.
    I always kept a dozen sites on ManageWP, just to not completely depend on 1 solution. They are just upping the pace with Orion which looks good and has promising novelties (like customer reports)
    But while writing this comment I updated 74 plugins using WP Remote :-)


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