1. Chris Koerner

    I would love to see an extension of Apple Photos to do the same thing. It’s more of a consumer app than Lightroom, but free and with a mobile equivalent.


  2. Patrick

    Was sounding interesting till the JetPack integration. I couldn’t really justify installing jetpack just to use this plugin, especially when their are others that do similar or more without that sort of required integration.


  3. Aaron

    Jetpack: for when you’re totally okay with authenticating a bunch of functions for your allegedly-independent website through a single company, when there’s no particular reason that most of those functions should require any sort of third-party server connection at all.


    • Matt Sweeny

      I really do like Jetpack as it’s always up-to-date, fully supported, it’s open source and it really does have useful functionalities.


    • Andy

      I don’t see the problem since many of the Jetpack capabilities depend on WordPress.com infrastructure.

      The code is OSS, so if someone else wants the functionality without the Jetpack dependency, couldn’t they fork it?


  4. Chris

    wordpress.com – not self-hosted, how sad :-/


  5. Ron

    lightroom is good. but its a heavy plugin. made my website considerably slow.


  6. Andy

    I think this is pretty great for photographers and photobloggers, however niche that audience may be.


  7. Marcus Tibesar

    Media Library needs lots of work before I will upload thousands of photos to it.


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