1. Nick

    All these are true, and well done, but with 3.0 they broke a very important function, which I reported a month ago at wordpress.org, and no one responded yet, a whole month later. Again, this worked with Woo. 2.6 and prior versions.

    If you have a downloadable product, with let’s say 2 downloadable files, and people buy it, they can download both items, so far so good. Now, if you add a third downloadable file to that same product, the people who previously bought the product don’t get access to this third downloadable file. This was not an issue with Woo 2.6, but it is since 3.0. Support is horrible and extremely slow, and basically Woocommerce is now run like Automattic, which is just like a big bureaucratic government. Nobody cares… I even reported this bug at woocommerce.com, and after 2-3 days I got a response that the support system there is for paid customers who bought their premium products – translation: we don’t care, and give us your money if you want help! Sad but true…


    • wekhter

      When I read your comment I felt like I’d read something about that before, and it looks like that’s actually included as a performance improvement in the changelog for 3.0.0:

      * Performance – Removed the feature where old orders get access to new downloads on product edit. Looping potentially thousands of orders to do this is too much of a performance burden for stores and this can sometimes be unexpected behavior too. This does however updates *edited* downloads.

      In other words, it’s not technically a bug….

      The WooCommerce FAQ on downloadable products mentions this change as well: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/digital-downloadable-product-handling/#section-8

      And links to a plugin to restore the functionality to 3.0+: https://github.com/woocommerce/grant-download-permissions-for-past-woocommerce-orders


    • Pablo Postigo

      Sad you had to go through this, please note that with 3.0 this is a feature and not a bug. If you need any other help you can always post your question on WordPress.org or stackoverflow instead of blaming Automattic or Google. Remember these are free products made by hundreds of developers with families to feed.


      • Nick

        Thanks for your reply Pablo,

        I did post it on WordPress.org as mentioned above, over a month ago. I guess next time I’ll blame my grandma or climate change… Once again, I do apologize for my original strong language, my frustration levels with this, and Gutenberg is off the charts lately. At the same time I want to sincerely thank Woocommerce and Automattic for providing a plugin to reverse this feature, which some clients of mine need to make things work as before again.

        As far as in remembering that this is a free product, and they have families to feed propaganda, I’m not going to comment on that, since I got a very satisfactory answer (finally), and are now trying to play nice, as far as this issue is concerned. That said, we have to understand some basic open source economics, and if done right, you can become the king of the world. Matt understands that, and executed his business plan perfectly, that’s why he is the king of the internet. If WP or Woocommerce were even $1, things would have been a lot worse financially, and probably Joomla would have dominated everything.


  2. Luke Cavanagh

    The product importer in WC core of 3.1 works very well.


    • Michael Visser

      It does! I’m learning alot from the WC 3.1 import/export codebase! :D

      Seeing that it only supports CSV tells you what file format the majority of suppliers and distributors are providing store owners with re: Product catalogs in 2017… XML and JSON use is growing but CSV/TSV (with all its kinks) is king.


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