WooCommerce 3.5 Introduces REST API v3, Improves Transactional Emails

WooCommerce 3.5 was released this week. It’s a minor update that has been in development since May and began testing in September. The release should be backwards compatible to version 3.0 of the plugin but users are always advised to test all of their themes and extensions before updating.

Store owners can expect to see a change in the copy of the default transactional emails. They have been updated to be friendlier and more human. This is particularly important for the customer-facing emails. All of the following have been updated: on-hold, processing, completed, refunded both full and partially, invoice both with a pending and non-pending status, customer notes, password reset, new account. The default content in the store admin emails has also been improved.

The WooCommerce team anticipates that the updates to the transactional emails will reduce the need for store owners to customize their email templates. It also gives customers a better, friendlier connection to the store. More updates to the email content editing experience are planned for 2019.

Store owners may also benefit from the new option to set a low stock threshold in the inventory tab for individual products, export products by category to the CSV exporter, and define custom product placeholder images that will resize to correct store aspect ratio.

The WooCommerce REST API continues to evolve with v3 introduced in this release. It adds new endpoints required for the wc-admin feature plugin, the React-powered WooCommerce admin interface that was featured at last week’s WooSesh. REST API v3 also adds new features to existing endpoints while maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy API versions.

WooCommerce 3.5 introduces support for the Custom Product Tables feature plugin, which is being developed to improve store performance and scalability. In some cases storing product data in custom tables has brought 30% faster page loads.

In version 3.5 the “Preview Changes” button was removed from the publish meta box when editing products. If you’re missing it, Rémi Corson published a quick CSS snippet to bring it back.

Check out the release post for a full rundown of all the updates, deprecations, and template file changes in version 3.5.


7 responses to “WooCommerce 3.5 Introduces REST API v3, Improves Transactional Emails”

  1. Hmm…I wonder if Scott Bowler of ClassicPress will now choose to fork Woocommerce too as it becomes ever more dependent on WP v5, Gutenberg, React, etc.

    • What prevents Scott Bowler or any “Scott Bowler” who wants to fork any project out there from choosing a specific version he or she wants to work on?

      Those who plan to fork a project have also the knowledge to extend it based on their needs, therefore they don’t need to rely on any other dependency.

      If you think ClassicPress is going to die, then let it be; by fighting it in such fierce way on so many levels proves you its vitality.

      Also, there’s no need to be sarcastic or poignant mate, just letting you know.

      • If you think ClassicPress is going to die, then let it be

        Agreed. Although I think that, sadly, ClassicPress has little chance to take off, I find the constant digs from members of the WP community since it was announced very lame. This sect-like attitude is disgusting.

      • True, anyone can fork any GPL project privately or publicly. Will it be as publicly profiled as WP this or next year? Probably not. Also wasn’t being sarcastic. I’m actually a fan of choice which ClassicPress may resemble more than WP itself these days (at least in spirit) even if it ultimately goes nowhere.

        However any fork soon becomes removed from the ecosystem of the original due to compatibility, etc and either gains enough momentum to create it’s own or dies off. Such things can become impractical to use but I actually hope it does well.

      • @Bastian: /signed.

        It has a strong fanboy feeling to it – yes, most of my work life has to do with WordPress (hence “Focus on WordPress, E-Commerce and Usability”), but that doesnt mean I have to be a religious fanatic. Lots of stuff is done better with a different tool (eg. you do NOT need a whole WP install for a simple singular placeholder page; you just use a simple HTML page instead .. and so on).

        cu, w0lf.

  2. It would be nice if they don’t move fast and break stuff. There was a breaking change for variation images. That’s why they hurried up and released 3.5.1


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