WooCommerce Releases Square Integration to Sync Online and Offline Purchases and Inventory


WooCommerce, which powers more than 37% of all online stores, announced today that the plugin now integrates with the millions of offline stores that use Square for payment processing. The new Square for WooCommerce extension tracks and syncs payments and inventory for products sold via online and offline stores.

Before agreeing to work with Square on building an integration for WooCommerce inventory management, the Woo team verified customer demand via its ideas board where the feature received more than 900 votes. Prior to today’s extension release, those who managed stores in online and offline environments had to perform manual updates to ensure accuracy of the current inventory. Manually tracking inventory between stores is a tedious, never-ending task, especially for larger operations. This is why Square integration was the most-requested feature in WooCommerce history.

After store owners connect a Square account to WooCommerce, they can perform a manual sync from WooCommerce to Square or back the other way. This will sync SKU’s, categories, details, and images for products that have been set up on either platform.


The ability to accept payments with WooCommerce using Square means store owners need only update products once and push changes to either store when ready to sell online or offline.

“WooCommerce and Square have a close working relationship around this integration, where we’re working together to on-board new merchants, receive their feedback, and adjust the integration to make sure the initial version is the best it can be,” said Matt Cohen, product lead for WooCommerce.

When asked if Automattic gets a percentage of Square’s fee based on the volume of sales it drives through its payment system, Cohen said that the companies have an agreement in place to promote the extension on WooCommerce.com and in Square’s catalog. He would not elaborate on the terms of the agreement. However, with WooCommerce powering more than a third of all online stores, it would be surprising if Automattic did not secure a custom volume rate.

Square customers who want to automatically connect their online and offline stores can find the new Square for WooCommerce extension on WooCommerce.com. Current Square customers can use their existing account details to configure their stores to accept payments with Square and start syncing inventory.


7 responses to “WooCommerce Releases Square Integration to Sync Online and Offline Purchases and Inventory”

  1. I just became very excited to read this blog. I then clicked on the link to set it up only to find it is only US and Canada. Considering the stats are based on worldwide wordpress users, this Australian business is very disappointed. We will be looking out for it to be implemented over here and will be jumping on board. the sooner the better :)

  2. Sounds great, but don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t work. You spend hours to get everything set up, build your account, plug in all the correct codes, and then you press the “sync” button, and it just spins and spins and spins. Three hours later and the progress bar has not advanced one bit. Nothing is syncing, and you get no error messages, nothing shows up in the system log. Just nothing. What a headache, and a waste of time. Yet again, a billion dollar company releases a fancy new product that just doesn’t work.


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