1. Jeffrey

    Kudos to CloudFlare for addressing the bug within hours.


  2. Irineu

    I’m using the salt shaker plugin that automatically changes wordpress security keys and increases security.


  3. Jeff C


    In the email I received they explained that the memory leak was due to their misimplementation of the Ragel parser…

    Not the cf-html parser. They stayed that the cf-html parser had been checked thoroughly and was okay, but the changeover exposed the problem with their old implementation.


  4. mark k.

    lol will retract that, that is really bad bug on cloudflare side, but for sure the most dangerous way to reset passwords is by changing the salts, and obviously it will not be enough if actual passwords were leaked


    • Irineu

      And only just one more layer … there are other security factors to be implemented … with 2 factors authentication … in my case .. that I was not hacked


  5. Vishwajeet Kumar

    I have also received an email from Cloudflare regarding the issue. I have successfully changed my password. Thank God nothing happened to my account.


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