1. Marcus Tibesar

    “A WordPress.com representative confirmed that there are currently no plans to support a standalone version in Jetpack.”

    Come on Automattic, cough it up!


  2. Luis Cabrera

    That is just great.

    It is absolutely practical and it keeps me in safe zone (not taking somebody else photos without permission) all the time.

    By the way…

    Linking my blog to my Google+ profile could help for SEO?


  3. Jeremy

    Unfortunately, this experience is still rather buggy. After adding photos, WordPress.com didn’t seem to be able to save drafts and it was also unable to display the most recent photos from the past week.

    This seems like an issue with your site’s connection to WordPress.com. It is not related to the Google Photos integration. If you’d like to fix this so you can use the WordPress.com Post editor and all it has to offer (including Google Photos), don’t hesitate to contact Jetpack support with more details about your site, we will be happy to help!


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