Jetpack 3.8 Adds Google+ Badges and Fixes Contact Form Response Emails

Jetpack 3.8 is available for download and includes, Google+ badges, Twitch.TV embed shortcode, improvements to the contact form module, and bug fixes.

Users can now display a Google+ Badge widget that shows your Google+ profile, page, or community.

Google Plus Badge Settings
Google Plus Badge Settings

You can configure the badge’s width, layout, and choose between a light or dark color scheme. A Google+ icon has also been added to the Social Media Icons widget bringing the total number of available icons to nine.

Those who use the Shortcode Embeds module can now easily embed videos from using the [ twitchtv ] shortcode. The shortcode’s attributes allow you to modify the width, height, and whether or not the video autoplays.

In previous versions of Jetpack, the Contact Form module checkbox field type was limited to a single item. In Jetpack 3.8, check box field types can have multiple items.

Multiple Options Field
Multiple Options Field

One of my favorite enhancements in Jetpack 3.8 is the improved styling to contact form email responses. In previous versions of Jetpack, emails didn’t match the order of the fields within the contact form. Now, any responses to the contact form will show up in the order you set.

Other notable improvements in Jetpack 3.8 include:

  • Lots of new filters to allow further customization of Jetpack.
  • Better error messaging for Subscription Widget sign up forms.
  • Improvements and enhancements to accessibility.

In addition to features and bug fixes, this release contains contributions from Daisuke Takahashi and Eduardo Reveles. Takahashi lives in Japan and is responsible for the Google+ Badge Widget. Reveles not only filed a substantial amount of issue reports on Github but also submitted a lot of patches.

These two are among a group of more than 40 people who worked on Jetpack 3.8. Check out Jetpack’s contribute page if you’d like to get involved with the project. Also, be sure to read how you can join the Jetpack beta testing team to be among the first to test new features.


21 responses to “Jetpack 3.8 Adds Google+ Badges and Fixes Contact Form Response Emails”

  1. Not meaning to sound too harsh, but above screenshots are a perfect example of why these days I’m always completely stripping the WordPress admin interface.
    Especially now core features are first developed as plugins there isn’t a meta box left alike.

    The contact form using the media element design would be a great place to start, instead of the 3.5 look it still has right now.

    Besides that, the widget width input field looks like to use yet another custom class.


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