1. Kate_H

    Thanks Jeff for the quick round up of what’s new (and hopefully improved) in the latest version of Jetpack.


  2. Joseph

    Thanks for the update. I agree that the social media icons are extremely tiny, and the YouTube link doesn’t work as it shows as https://www.youtube.com/channel/username

    Hope it will be fixed soon.


    • Derek Smart

      Hi Joseph, thanks for your feedback!

      The YouTube icon is unique in that it requires the channel ID, not the username.

      The icons can be re-sized with a little css:

      .widget_wpcom_social_media_icons_widget .genericon {
      font-size: whatever!;

      We’re looking at changing the default sizes for a later release.


  3. Matt

    I know I can always find a good summary on the Tavern. Thanks, Jeff. Updates to my sites now underway.


  4. Joseph

    For “Top Posts and Pages” widget, it would be great if we can control the date range, eg. within a year, month, week instead of 24-48 hours of stats.


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