Jetpack 3.6 Adds the Ability to Manage Your Connections to Jetpack

Jetpack 3.6 is available and has several bug fixes and enhancements. Jetpack CLI which is a command line interface for Jetpack and extends off of wp-cli for WordPress, has undergone a number of improvements. There are a handful of new extra sidebar widgets, including Facebook Like Box, and Social Media Icons.

Existing widgets such as Top Posts are more configurable. The Top Posts and Pages widget now allows you to show or hide different page types from the widget. For example, if you only want to show post and page results, check the boxes for Posts and Pages in the widget configuration area.

The new Facebook Like box widget is streamlined and looks much better than its predecessor.

New Jetpack Facebook Widget is Streamlined
New Jetpack Facebook Widget is Streamlined

There’s a social media icons widget that’s great for themes that don’t already have a built-in method of displaying social networking connections. Simply place it in the sidebar and apply your username to each service you use. On the Tavern test site, the icons were a little too small for my liking but I realize this is an issue with the theme we use.

Social Media Icons Widget
Social Media Icons Widget

Jetpack 3.6 also introduces a connection manager where users can manage a site’s Primary User, see any other connected users, and/or manage your connection to The team says there are plans to add additional features to My Jetpack in future versions.

Jetpack Connection Manager
Jetpack Connection Manager

In a sign of the times, StumbleUpon is no longer an option in the sharing module. Email sharing now uses reCAPTCHA 2.0 to verify human behavior. Stats are more accurate as previewing posts and pages no longer count as pageviews.

StumbleUpon Sharing Button Retired from Jetpack
StumbleUpon Sharing Button Retired from Jetpack

Jetpack Carousel supports HTML 5 and the Slideshare shortcode is fixed. Deprecated card types for Twitter cards are removed and the Facebook share button now shows up for the Australian and Canadian locale.

Upgrade to Jetpack 3.6 to take advantage of the numerous bug fixes and enhancements. If you’d like to be the first to test new features and help Jetpack users experience fewer problems, consider participating in the Jetpack Beta testing program.


6 responses to “Jetpack 3.6 Adds the Ability to Manage Your Connections to Jetpack”

    • Hi Joseph, thanks for your feedback!

      The YouTube icon is unique in that it requires the channel ID, not the username.

      The icons can be re-sized with a little css:

      .widget_wpcom_social_media_icons_widget .genericon {
      font-size: whatever!;

      We’re looking at changing the default sizes for a later release.


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