1. Kelson

    Cumbersome is one way to put it.

    1. You have to export each story individually.. Fine if you only have a few, but if you have a lot of them? This could take a long time.
    2. Images are exported as links to Storify’s mirror of the image, rather than linking to the original, which means that unless you go through and fix all of the links, the exported images are still going to disappear after Storify shuts down.

    I’ve only got one story to export, and I’m seriously considering just manually replacing it with the individual Twitter embeds instead of using the exporter.


  2. Craig Gilighan

    First was Storify, then Notcy, then Storify 2.C’mmon people why you just don’t stick to the Adobe Livefyre?


  3. John

    Adobe has abandoned Director. I have hundreds of apps built with Director going back to when it was the flagship product for Macromedia.

    Don’t use Adobe anything.


  4. Paul

    I’ve always struggled to understand the value proposition of Storify. I mean, isn’t it just basically a bunch of embedded/oEmbed iFrames (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)? WP and other platforms already do this painlessly, so is there more to it?

    I’m a “prospecting developer” who be interested in creating a converter/exporter if I better understood Storify’s functionality and the pain points for migrating data.

    You can get in touch with me at storify@w3extensions.com


  5. Kelson

    They have some discovery/search capabilities built into the interface for building a story, so you can search on various social networks, stock images, etc., and save items for later without adding them to a draft.


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