1. Dave Bell

    I recently attended an Andrew Dice Clay concert. Thoroughly enjoyable. I do not expect the same at a WordCamp. Poor judgement on Matt’s part and even poorer on the “poet’s” part. Not the right time and place.

    Art is not an excuse for poor judgment.

    Same poem at a Poetry Reading, fine. But this was not that. Different audience.

    By the time it hit the live stream, either it was blanked out or there were streaming issues. The fact it was bleeped from the currently distributed video speaks volumes.



  2. Jonathan

    The Strength and USP of WordPress is that it is pretty reliable and extensible. Suggesting some sort of ‘fork’ or other versions would completely destroy the whole ethos of WordPress… Plugin developers would disintegrate, themes would collapse, standards would become fragmented, etc etc… – What were you thinking LOL :)


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