1. Didgit

    It would be great if we could get a list of “orphaned” plugins. This was we can educate ourselves and possibly adopt some of them.


  2. Alan Nevada

    I searched for Postman over the weekend and was confused why I could not find it.

    Clicking on a link to Postman SMTP redirected me to the main WordPress plugin page.
    Then, there was the similarly named Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log. Did the plugin have a new name? Did I remember the wrong name? Should I download it from an alternate source?

    It’s ridiculous that a plugin can be removed due to security reasons and there’s no explanation left behind.


    • Yehuda Hassine

      Hi Alan,
      As the article explained Postman SMTP removed because of a security issue.
      Security releated stuff can’t be explained to not hurt the users that still using it.

      I have used the last version and updated it.
      I used new name because the original name is still used in the WordPress directory nothing else.
      You can be sure it’s completely safe to download my version.
      All of your settings will be saved.


    • JF

      If a plugin goes missing from the official repository, I usually check https://wpvulndb.com/ to see if a security vulnerability has been issued. For instance, the Postman vulnerability was reported there on October 9: https://wpvulndb.com/vulnerabilities/8926


  3. Russ Miller

    I am happy to hear this plugin will continue to be supported. Thank you Yehuda for taking over a wonderful plugin!

    I updated about 50 websites with the plugin today.


  4. John

    Thumbs up for Yehuda!
    His fork works like a charm.
    It’s incredible users of former versions can’t even go to the original WP repo page and get some info about what happened and where the new version is to be found…


  5. Richard

    Thanks Yehuda. You have helped many by adopting Postman. Any plan/road map for new features?


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