WP-CLI 1.1.0 Released, Project Shifts to Expand Package Index

WP-CLI 1.1.0 is now available, two months after 1.0.0 was released. The project shifted after 1.0.0 to focus on its package ecosystem, encouraging new features to be built as standalone packages instead of rolling them all into WP-CLI core. Daniel Bachhuber, the project’s maintainer, moved WP-CLI in this new direction to better distribute the maintenance burden among package maintainers.

Version 1.1.0 includes 23 command improvements, 8 framework enhancements, and dozens of bug fixes. The release had a 16% increase in the number of contributors from 1.0.0. It is the first major release since the project was brought under the umbrella of WordPress.org at the beginning of 2017.

The process of migrating the wp-cli.org website to wordpress.org will take a couple of months, but the website documentation has already found a new home at make.wordpress.org/cli/handbook/. Contributors can edit documentation by clicking on the button at the top of any page, which links to the handbook’s GitHub repository.

WP-CLI to Expand Package Index

As part of the new focus on the WP-CLI package ecosystem, Bachhuber has created a GitHub repository for logging ideas for new packages. The best ideas will be maintained as canonical community packages.

“The end goal for the WP-CLI package index is to be a directory of well-maintained, canonical features,” Bachhuber said. “Packages will be considered community projects shepherded by one or more maintainers, instead of the domain of a specific author.”

Bachhuber is looking to hire someone to assist in maintaining the project in a part-time capacity for 5-10 hours per week. This person will work on supporting package maintainers and vetting ideas for new packages.

The next release cycle will focus on splitting internal commands into separate packages with the goal of having official maintainers for them in the future. Contributors are also planning to create new pages on WordPress.org for the WP-CLI commands directory and internal API docs.


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