1. Jesse

    Very clever and useful, any plans to open-source? Heh…

    Also, maybe I’m missing something, but can’t users simply use this a few times each year to steal your latest PRO versions without ever paying for the license, etc?

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    • Joe Guilmette

      can’t users simply use this a few times each year to steal your latest PRO versions without ever paying for the license, etc?

      Yes, users can download copies of the plugins from the demo install. However, pretty much every single premium WordPress plugin is being distributed for free through GPL club-style sites. The kinds of users what would steal our software through a demo aren’t the kinds of users that would ever buy our software anyway. License checks help, but people will always find a way.

      Demos help real customers try our products before they buy, and they help existing customers troubleshoot problems. Those are the people we care about helping.


  2. Steve

    We’ve been testing WPSandbox for a few months now, and it works great.

    A few of our team were concerned about people stealing the code, but people are that desperate or craft, they’ll always find away. Our real customers have been super-happy.

    You can try demo links using WPSandbox via these URLs:


  3. M


    One more thing to add would be a button to distroy or erase the sandbox, I see it as a waste to let a sandbox live for a week or more when I am done testing with it.

    As a side note, kudos for your WP All Export plugin, it’s a work of art. :)


  4. Pratik

    That’s Awesome!
    I’m Using Free version from Last few Months and It Works Best!
    But the Problem with Paid Version is The Beginner Developers like me Cant afford 50$ per Month. :(
    There should be a Option for 10 Install or 15 Install at Low price.
    Thanks Soflyy Team!


  5. T Piwowar

    For teaching and learning WordPress the world needs something more like thimble.mozilla.org, which I use for teaching HTML and CSS classes.

    The key requirement being that student’s can later access and build on what they learned in class. Unfortunately Poopy deletes their work much too quickly and the way the URL for Poopy works is a bit hard to use. Meanwhile $50/month is way too expensive for educational purposes.

    Perhaps the WordPress Foundation could take a cue from the Mozilla Foundation and sponsor a WordPress-centric cloud service like Thimble?


    • Derek Breen

      Try InstantWP – it might work, it was designed for teaching WP: https://github.com/corvideon/InstantWP


      • T Piwowar

        Thanks for the lead Derek. I’ve been using MAMP, which does a similar job. Unfortunately, neither is a modern cloud solution. The benefit of the cloud is that it has zero setup, is always up to date, and (most importantly) the student can log in later to continue their learning.

        It seems so strange to me that despite all the noise about promoting WordPress, there is not anything available to provide a cloud-based environment for demonstrating and teaching WordPress. Poopy is close to what is needed but either too fleeting or too expensive.


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