1. Brad Griffin

    Glad to see LiquidWeb going “all in” on both ends of the ecomm spectrum.

    New LW tagline= Democratizing Commerce???


    • AJ Morris

      While I do work for Liquid Web in my “day job” this project is funded and developed solely by me. My team I’m continuing to put together and ExchangeWP will be run separate from Liquid Web.


  2. Bernie Truman

    Now I wonder what they are going to do with their page Builder product. That thing hasn’t seen any meaningful updates in quite awhile.

    With them focusing more on security, maintenance and back-up plugins I could easily see them doing to iThemes Builder what they’ve done here with iThemes Exchange.

    Especially when you consider other page builder competitors becoming more prominent and transparent in their page page builder road-maps (for instance WPMU just released that snazzy public-facing road-map of their products).


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