iThemes Launches e-Commerce Plugin – Exchange

iThemes has launched their hotly anticipated e-Commerce platform called Exchange. I was able to watch a one hour introduction video presented by one of the core developers of Exchange and my initial impression is wow. Based on what I’ve seen, they have done a great job with focusing on simplicity. One of the coolest aspects of their plugin is the modularity of it.

Exchange Modularity

You can enable/disable specific functionality so that your site only loads what is enabled. One of the other creative aspects behind Exchange is the ability to use it to invoice clients. For example, you can create an invoice which will be a product page, hide that product page from the store, send the client a link to that product page and once they pay, they get a link to a downloadable file which is a PDF with PAID stamped onto the invoice. The platform has over 300 different functions and will sport a hefty theme API.

Marcus Couch will be taking an in-depth look at Exchange and he’ll give you his thoughts within the next week or two. Until then, download Exchange as it’s free and give it a test run. Report back with your thoughts and opinions.


One response to “iThemes Launches e-Commerce Plugin – Exchange”

  1. Indeed. It’s pretty comprehensive. From what I can share of my impressions thus far is that the developers took a lot of time studying what already existed out there in terms of functionality and improved upon each one of the problem areas or bottlenecks that we often face when it comes to monetization of items within WordPress, whether that be Digital content or otherwise. I’ll have my full analysis next week!


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