Apply Filters Podcast to be Retired after 83 Episodes

Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson are retiring from podcasting. Their bi-weekly show Apply Filters, a favorite podcast among WordPress developers, will go off the air after publishing its 83rd episode. The hosts have not yet revealed why they are retiring but plan to share more details in the final episode.

Apply Filters focused primarily on development and technical topics but also provided a wealth of information on business models, pricing, and marketing in the WordPress product ecosystem. The first episode aired August 15, 2013, just after the Heartbeat API was introduced in WordPress 3.6.

The show’s imminent retirement was announced on Twitter today to the disappointment of its many loyal fans. According to the information available on the sponsors page, each episode was receiving more than 2,000 downloads in the first three months after publishing. Roughly 54% of the audience identified as developers.

During the past six months, the frequency of the episodes had slowed to once per month. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hosts became too busy to keep up with the show, as they both lead successful WordPress product businesses. Touesnard and Williamson plan to record one final mailbag episode before retiring the show indefinitely and are inviting listeners to send in any last questions.


5 responses to “Apply Filters Podcast to be Retired after 83 Episodes”

  1. I echo Erik’s comment above. I’m not a formal developer but still got great value from the show. I can also see where it may not be the best ROI for their time at this moment. Regardless, I extend my thanks for a job well done.

  2. I’m going to miss this show. Anyone have recommendations for other casts that focus on development in WordPress? I already listen to Post Status’ Draft Podcast.

    • Try WP Water Cooler. It’s kinda funny and can have some decent Dev spots. WordPress Weekly is my favourite.

      NPR’s “How I Built This” is the best new podcast in a whike if you’re a business owner.

  3. Apply Filters was just ok. More self-promotion than insightful. But I love Pippin’s and Delicious Brains’ blog posts/guides. Those are their strengths and better for them to monetize that way.


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