WPWeekly Episode 289 – Where Did WordPress’ Ease of Use Go?

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by Scott Bolinger. Bolinger recently attended a Content and Commerce Summit where WordPress and WooCommerce were not mentioned. Bolinger shared the perspective he gained from an attending the event and speaking with a friend who uses Shopify.

We discuss what happened to WordPress’ ease of use, which user segment the project is developed for, and how can it provide an end-to-end user experience that’s on par with SaaS offerings like SquareSpace or Wix. We also talk about the challenges associated with setting up a WordPress site after the installation process. Last but not least, we discuss why some people are not recommending WordPress to friends or family anymore.

Stories Discussed:

DonateWC Reaches Fundraising Goal
WordCamp for Publishers Videos Now Available on YouTube
Apply Filters Podcast to be Retired after 83 Episodes
Facebook to Re-license React after Backlash from Open Source Community
WordPress Explores a JavaScript Framework-Agnostic Approach to Building Gutenberg Blocks
SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam Plugin Permanently Removed from WordPress.org Due to Spam Code

Picks of the Week:

Otto shares tips and advice on selling plugins.

Metroid: Samus Returns and Nintendo 3DS.

Mindful Communication in Code Reviews by Amy Ciavolino.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Wednesday, October 4th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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  1. Will listen, but before that I would say that the ease of use was relative to the competitors. The ease of use stayed the same, the rest of the world just got better and surpassed.


    1. Spot on, Andreas!

      I never ever thought WP was user friendly, and dreaded teaching novices to use it.

      But the competition was even worse.

      However, the competition is catching up and overtaking. Shopify is a good example.

      In recent years, there have been some third party add-ons for WP that are exceptionally well designed and user friendly, and that WP could learn form.


  2. @jeff — “Otto shares tips and advice on selling plugins” — the answer is not to get authors to be more careful and take less money. Or for site owners to try and choose plugins which have not been resold, or might get resold to the bad guys. It surely has to be in the hands of Mika and the others on the repository. This problem could be stopped dead there, with the correct resources.


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