1. David McCan

    It could all be moot. Facebook just announced that they are going to relicense React.js under the MIT license next week:



    • M

      Wow, thanks for sharing.

      I’m impressed that Facebook did such a volte-face! Now the question is: is it too late in regards to WordPress ? Will this just kill the debate about the JS Framework choice or will the discussion continue to make a real concerted choice agreed upon by the majority of the community ?


    • Gary

      I think this announcement underscores (😉) the need to be framework agnostic – there are many possible ways for a framework to become unavailable to us in the future, so keeping our reliance on them as small as possible means we can more easily switch if necessary.

      So, regardless of this announcement, the work on Gutenberg keeps on going, and the plan continues to be that you can build your plugins using whatever framework you prefer.


    • Chuck

      I can’t take any more of this drama. I’m switching away from Javascript completely, and will be writing everything in Mocha.


    • Matt

      If Facebook has shown anything, it’s that React’s licensing is fluid and cannot be relied upon long-term. It’s one thing today, it’ll be another next week. Next year, who knows? Once they change the license, they’ll become a flip flopper. The precedent will have already been set for them to do it again in the future when this framework wars blow over / die down substantially.

      Facebook doesn’t care about anyone’s project but they also don’t want to lose mindshare either. I would expect them to change the license again in the future when it will be much harder for projects (read – there is much more technical debt ) to make the call to switch frameworks.

      Whatever framework Gutenberg chooses though regardless of the proposed agnostic approach or not should become part of the WordPress development guidelines. Then there is at least a standard set in writing. It can be followed or not. If not set, it will be more wild west chaos which will ultimately not benefit or better the community going forward.


      • Gary

        I absolutely agree that we can’t assume that React’s license will stay the same, this is why the framework agnostic approach is so important. Whatever framework ends up being used behind the scenes, we need to work on the premise that we may need to seamlessly swap it out for something else in the future.

        As Matt mentioned, this approach lets us treat many frameworks as officially supported options. Regardless of what Core uses internally, developers can create in whatever fashion they’re most comfortable with, forcing people into one particular method has never been a Core philosophy, we’re not about to start now. 🙂


  2. Brian McBride

    Just use web components.


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