1. Sam Idoeb

    The design is very sleek. It’s tempting to be tried.

    I have Live Chat plugin at my website. The setting is too complex. I hope Holler Box have simpler setting.


  2. Al

    This is an example of a quote I heard the other day by a developer named Jeffrey Hammerbacher who said:

    “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.”

    I’m old. In “my day” most of us used our programming skills to make life better… developing software for heart-lung machines, medical cures, moon landings, factory automation, financial efficiency, micro computers, cell phones, the list goes on and on.

    What WP needs is a complete top to bottom re-write… not another intrusive pop-up seeking personal information used to sell us something we don’t want.



    • Sheryl

      Yep !

      Perhaps this is an incremental improvement over current pop-ups – and any improvement over that is Welcome !
      Yet overall, that that’s where we are is not saying much.


  3. Jeffrey

    I have tried it and it is very sleek and simple to use, but unfortunately it seems the plugin uses the built-in mail function to send out emails, and I am on a Windows platform and the mail function does not work, so I don’t get any emails from Holler Box. Hope the developer can address this.


  4. Anil

    I am going to try this


  5. Peter

    Is there anything worse than a pop up on the website?


  6. Hashim Warren

    This design makes me realize how many other pop up plugin look


  7. Jason Lemieux

    Thanks, Scott for clearly putting the time in to create a nicely made and versatile plugin – and then giving it away for free.

    I applaud your decision to let us all use your code, modify it, and leverage it as one more step toward creating new sites and technologies.

    Keep on keeping on.


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