1. Nancy

    I installed Quick Cache years ago, once my blog started getting enough traffic to really slow things down.

    These days the site gets about the same amount of traffic, so it never occurred to me that the plugin might no longer be necessary…until I listened to your podcast!

    Is there any way to figure out whether a site that at one time required caching still needs it? (Other than by turning off the plugin and crossing your fingers?)


  2. Steve Wilkinson

    I agree that cache can be a pain, especially while doing development work (and for certain other applications). I use WP Engine as well, Marcus, and wish sometimes that I could just click a setting and turn it off temporarily. BTW, the staging environment isn’t cached, so you can always push a quick copy there and work/test.
    – – –
    I’m not sure I like the move Facebook is making, and I suppose I’d personally resist pushing my web articles there. It seems they are trying to become a revived AOL these days, and I’d rather get people back to my site, not keep them on Facebook. I’m fine using social media to be – well, social – and announce my content. But, I want my home base to be at home… which, is good for WordPress too (why use WordPress if all Internet content is at Facebook?).


  3. Panos

    Just got done making a site for an artist and pages are quite heavy due to the images (even after lots of optimizing). Tried using a cache plugin but can’t say it helped.

    Awesome show , look forward to each new episode.


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