1. Luke Cavanagh
  2. Pat Riley

    This update gave me white screens of death on 6 of 86 sites I applied it to. There are many, many similar reports on WordPerfect support forums. I rolled back to version on my 6 crashed sites.

    No response from author yet on above crash reports.


  3. Pat Riley

    Super … glad they’re fixable. In my six sites with crashes, no new plug-ins were installed so these conflicts apparently didn’t exist with version

    I’m looking forward to an updated version as I love this plug-in!


  4. OriginalEXE

    Thanfully, no issues on the sites we manage with the latest update. Although we have patched the vulnerability manually, I was very glad to learn that the plugin is not dead and the author plans on maintaining it :)


  5. Joe

    The update in 0.9.5 resulted in problems with my multi-site install. I have a sub-directory install, and while trying to upload the theme files and wp-include files for the subdirectory site, I kept noticing it was only uploading to the root directories, not my multi-site directory path, plus the other directories (wp-content and wp-includes).

    I had to roll back to in order for my multi-site sites to work.

    Very disappointing.


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