WPWeekly Episode 166 – Interview With The Project Lead For XWP, Frankie Jarrett

Back in September, Stream 2.0 was released with some significant changes. The most notable change is the transition from a plugin into a service.

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by the project lead For XWP, Frankie Jarrett. Jarrett goes in-depth on the decision to turn Stream into a service. He also explains why it needs to be connected to a WordPress.com ID, what the team is doing regarding the enterprise, and why record data is stored in the cloud. Near the end of the interview, we discuss the lessons learned from how the plugin was shipped and communicated to customers.

Stories Discussed:

WebDesign.com Is Now iThemes Training
Troubleshooting Handbook For New WordPress Support Forum Volunteers Is Live
How to Obtain The Total Download Count For Plugins Attached to a WordPress.org Username
Rate and Review a WordPress Plugin Day Set For October 17th
Twenty Fifteen Officially Added to The Development Version of WordPress
LoopConf: A Conference Catered to WordPress Developers

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

WC Vendors is a WooCommerce extension that lets you create your own Etsy or Amazon style marketplace, allowing multiple vendors to sell their goods. This allows other users to sell tangible products, virtual products or downloads on your site. Vendors receive the commissions you set on products they sell from your store.

WordPress Comments Fields is a plugin that allows admins to add custom fields to the comment area. These fields are saved as comment meta and are displayed under the comment. The plugin support four different field types: Drag and drop, text, radio, radio and select inputs.

Comic Sans Roulette randomly changes all fonts on your site to Comic Sans. You have a 10% chance that all of the fonts will be Comic Sans!

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