1. wpsitecare

    Thanks for the mention Jeff. We’re pretty excited about all of it! Can’t wait to share more details with everyone.


  2. Andy Christian

    600-700 tickets sounds like a lot for a first-time conference (then again, it is Vegas), but I’m excited to see it succeed!


    • WP Site Care

      It’s definitely ambitious :) We feel like there are plenty of people in the WordPress ecosystem, it’s just a matter of getting them as excited about all of this as we are!


      • Andy Christian

        Good luck! Wish I could go, but I’ll be living half way around the world at the time (and might be coming to Vegas in February for a different conference, so couldn’t justify it twice in that short amount of time).


  3. Myra Love

    Wow, perfect timing. I will definitely sign up on the list. The other conference this month in Las Vegas was just bad timing for us. We are based in Las Vegas but we have a few team members that are not here. Are you looking for speakers also? We have been doing WordPress development work since 2006.


    • Ryan Sullivan

      Hey Myra,

      I’m one of the organizers for LoopConf. Our speaker lineup is full, but we’d love to have you join us. Email me directly if you have any questions at all! ryan at wpsitecare dot com


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