WebDesign.com Is Now iThemes Training

iThemes Training ImageiThemes has announced that WebDesign.com is now called iThemes Training. According to the announcement, this change will lessen confusion and place everything under the iThemes umbrella.

We’re making this transition in order to bring everything we do at iThemes under one roof (themes, plugins & training) and eliminate confusion caused by having multiple domain names and two separate brands.

If you’re a member of WebDesign.com, not much changes. You’ll be able to use the same credentials to login to iThemes Training and access the same content as before.

If you have any questions concerning the move, iThemes is hosting a webinar on Monday, October 13th at 1PM CDT. You can also stop by the iThemes Training member forum.


8 responses to “WebDesign.com Is Now iThemes Training”

  1. Such a waste of a VERY valuable domain. I wonder how the domain will be used after all iThemes Training users know that webdesign.com has moved.

    If nobody’s going to use the domain, I’m willing to take care of it. *hopelesswink*

    • iThemes never actually owned the domain, to my knowledge. I believe it was very much a partnership (some from iThemes can correct me here if I’m wrong). The original owner likely wants to take a different route to monetize such a valuable domain. I imagine offering something like Envato Studio on webdesign.com would be ideal.

      • I’ve been digging and digging to figure out how iThemes originally acquired the domain name and I can’t find anything in the 2009 time frame that explains it. It seems like one day, they got the domain and started rolling with it.

        Doing a DNS lookup on the domain shows that it’s registered with DigiMedia.com L.P. http://www.digimedia.com/partners/ and their partner site shows an image with a link to WebDesign.com.

        So, I don’t know the details but an educated guess is that DigiMedia always owned the domain but entered a partnership with iThemes. Their decision to move everything to iThemes Training is likely a result of that partnership ending.

        After iThemes started using WebDesign.com, Cory Miller was part of a trifecta of individuals in 2011 to launch The Div, INC. to offer a tech community hub dedicated to web-based innovation, creativity and training for a better Oklahoma. Scott Day of DigiMedia was part of that trifecta.

        The Div, which is located in an 1,800 square foot space in the same office complex as Digimedia and iThemes headquarters in the heart of Edmond, will serve a variety of functions that all work toward the common goal of fostering web-based innovation and entrepreneurial start ups in the metro area, similar to what the trio did with iThemes in 2008. The Div will be managed by the newly hired Executive Director Lindsey Miller.

        While some may think this is a complete waste of a domain name, it’s possible iThemes never owned the domain in the first place.

        Go figure, now I find what I’m looking for. In an article about The Div in 2011 from The Journal Record (http://www.i2e.org/news/entrepreneurs-creating-place-to-grow/) , a local newspaper covering the Edmond, OK area confirms the idea of a partnership.

        Miller’s iThemes, begun in 2008, is an outgrowth of that success. Miller’s team – which has grown to 20 employees – builds ready-made website templates, add-on software and training. They partner with Digimedia to use http://www.webdesign.com, where they offer development and design training for someone wanting to build a business from the ground up.

        Chris, you either have a good memory or are just really, really, smart lol. With all that said, I can’t find any information that hints at what the domain will now be used for.

        • I actually remember the original partnership announcement saying something to the effect of what you just mentioned. Also, I have experience with a similar partnership. In the mid-2000s I worked with a domain shark to monetize one of their domains (rims.com) by turning it into an e-commerce site selling wheels and tires. We slapped together an e-commerce platform and partnered with a Florida-based rim and tire shop but it all ended up falling apart because A. the shop was sleazy and greedy and B. e-commerce was super hard to do at the time and we were just kids in our early 20s who had no clue what we were doing.

          • I notice rims.com says “Lease This Domain” at the top. Maybe you want to try again? ;-)

            But really, why would anybody want to lease a domain? I imagine it to be like building a house on land you don’t own. Build up a brand and only to risk it being yanked away.

  2. 1. Jeff has Google powers. :)
    2. I do have partners. They’ve been amazing partners since 2008. I would do it all again with them. They run separate and awesome businesses.
    3. Customers won’t see any change right now except for a name change. (See. no. 4)
    4. We’re always seeking to improve what and how we do things and that includes tweaking products to make them better, more valuable to our customers. Stay tuned.
    5. Key lesson I learned: Like our PluginBuddy brand (that we rolled into iThemes a couple years ago, like we’re doing with WebDesign.com now), we found having multiple brands just wasn’t effective. What it did was fragment our branding, marketing and team efforts. Lesson learned. We are iThemes … that’s the name we started as and what people know us as. :)

    • It was only a matter of time before you replied. Thanks for chiming in and setting it straight. I like the idea of everything under the iThemes umbrella. I never thought of iThemes as a training destination since it was delegated to WebDesign.com but now that won’t be a problem.


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