1. Kyra

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  2. frank burns

    Hello again, the very first impression that came to mind about Askimet & Spam Blogs is that you need to create an automatic redirect plugin. Once you have Identified the main spam blog senders, your #redirect_plugin kicks in by reposting the full list of spam, directly back to whence it came from, crashing their hostswith their own garbage, leaving wordpress free to continue without spam overload. If you can create a plugin of this type, I’m sure that other players online might eant to pay for it. I can’t count the zero’s you mentioned but wouldn’t it be enriching, knowing that the plugin killedSpam Blogs Forever.


  3. iThemes Launches Sync Service for Updating Multiple WordPress Sites

    […] our interview with Cory on the WordPress Weekly Podcast, he explained that what started out as a theme company has gradually evolved into a plugin and […]


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