Backup Buddy Winners

After I published my review of BackupBuddy yesterday, I managed to talk Cory Miller into letting me give away a single and a developer membership option to two lucky commenters. I’d like to announce that Kevin has won the single membership version while Jeremy LeRay takes the developer version. In order to choose the winners, I took the comment ID number from the first comment and then the comment ID number in the last comment on the post and put them in a random number picker. After letting the picker choose a number a few times, I matched that number to the comment ID. A fair way to choose the winners I’d say.

I’d also like to thank each and every one of you that purchased BackupBuddy through my affiliate link. Purchases as well as the number of comments to the post were overwhelming. I simply couldn’t believe all of the developer version memberships that people were buying through me. In one day, I made enough money to travel to at least one more WordCamp this year if I chose to do that.

Congrats to Keven and Jeremy LeRay, backups are no longer a problem for the both of you! Also congrats to Cory Miller and the PluginBuddy team on a great launch.


3 responses to “Backup Buddy Winners”

  1. I’ll be working with Cory Miller to get him the necessary information to get your guys membership accounts in order.

  2. Jeffro, congratulations on all of the affiliate sales. That’s amazing! It’s great to have your support and interest. Keep up the good work!


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