This Week On WPWeekly: Cory Miller

iThemes logo 2This week on WordPress Weekly, our special guest will be Cory Miller of I first met Cory back in 2008 at WordCamp Dallas which was my first WordCamp event that I attended. At that time, iThemes was a brand new company looking to innovate the commercial WordPress theme space. They made a lot of progress during 2009 but at one point, it seemed as though the company began to stagnate.

Cory used the company blog to personally address the concerns raised throughout the WordPress community and assured everyone that they would be continuing to innovate and push the boundaries of WordPress. A few years later, they launched PluginBuddy, acquired, Builder, and finally, Exchange.

Cory has managed to successfully transition the company. They are now much more than just a commercial theme seller. On this weeks show, we’ll be traveling through time, starting with the launch of iThemes and working our way to the present. I encourage you to listen live, this Friday at 3PM Eastern via the WPTavern Podcast page. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask Cory, leave them in the comments.



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