WPWeekly Episode 309 – All AMPed Up

In this episode, I’m joined by Alberto Medina, Developer Advocate working with the Web Content Ecosystems Team at Google, and Weston Ruter, CTO of XWP. We have a candid conversation about Google’s AMP Project. We start by learning why the project was created, what its main goal is, and the technology behind it.

We also dive into some of the controversy surrounding the project by discussing whether or not AMP is a threat to the Open Web. Medina and Ruter provide insight into AMP’s transformation from focusing on the mobile web to providing a great user experience across the entire web. Last but not least, we learn about the relationship between Automattic, XWP, and the AMP team and how it’s helping to shape the future of the project.

Notable Links Mentioned:

AMP for WordPress Plugin
AMP for WordPress GitHub Repository
AMP GitHub Repository
Video presentation from AMP Conf 2018 showcasing the work that’s gone into the AMP for WordPress plugin
Official blog post outlining the future of the AMP Project

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Next Episode: Wednesday, March 28th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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3 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 309 – All AMPed Up”

  1. Really disappointed in the episode. Alberto’s contention that without AMP, the web would go away was ridiculous and required a challenge.

    In fact, I heard nothing that would dissuade me from believing that AMP is short lived, proprietary technology that serves only Google interests.

    Jeff’s example of a local new site was an apt one, because those sites are some of the worst examples of bloated content on mobile devices. They are also, entirely profit driven in a dying industry and in fact the LEAST likely to adopt AMP. A perfect counter example to the rosy picture of community involvement painted by Alberto.


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