1. Roberto García

    Hey, guys!

    Great show. Really. I love it.

    Just one note to Jeff. Man, it’s not 2017 anymore XD. Take a look to your intros and you’ll notice that you’re still saying “2017”.

    Looking forward your future episodes.


  2. Weston Ruter

    This long-form post from Caspar Hübinger (glueckpress) is a great companion piece for this podcast episode: AMP and WordPress will scale performance on the web for millions of users, hate it or love it.


  3. Michael McGlynn

    Really disappointed in the episode. Alberto’s contention that without AMP, the web would go away was ridiculous and required a challenge.

    In fact, I heard nothing that would dissuade me from believing that AMP is short lived, proprietary technology that serves only Google interests.

    Jeff’s example of a local new site was an apt one, because those sites are some of the worst examples of bloated content on mobile devices. They are also, entirely profit driven in a dying industry and in fact the LEAST likely to adopt AMP. A perfect counter example to the rosy picture of community involvement painted by Alberto.


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