1. Matt

    On behalf of the Bilderberg Group, Illuminati, the committer cabal, Forbes 30 under 30 alumni, World Economic Forum, and the Freemasons, I’d like to thank you for convincing the world that Automattic doesn’t run WordPress.


    • Gary

      Thank you for all the work you put in as the leader of the Intergalactic WordPress Conspiracy, Matt.


    • Samuel "Otto" Wood

      As a representative of the lizard people, we thank you for not mentioning us.


    • Steve Wilkinson

      The funny thing is, I’ve often felt the opposite.*** I’ve only worked with the self-hosted version, and have felt there sometimes seemed not to be enough central influence over what gets worked on and such.

      *** I say this as someone who, up until recently, has simply been a user, and knew nothing about the politics, inner workings, or really even how this was all structured (aside from being aware WP is open-source).


  2. MCouch

    You’re welcome! It was about time we set the record straight and presented an alternative bizzaro world of Adobe WordPress.


  3. Mark

    I think it’s a little unfair to group everyone who’s confused about the Automattic/WordPress relationship as conspiracy theorists. There is a huge overlap in employees/committers. The CEO of Automattic is leading an upcoming release cycle, and through Audrey Capital he personally employs non-Automattic folks who work on WordPress…not to mention owning this site and employing you, Jeff (something you have to scroll to the bottom of the About page to figure out).

    I love WP and I think y’all do great work, but the delineations are pretty obscured.


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